COLA Certified Stat Lab Testing

With the on site facilities, we are able to give you the care you need, without the unnecessary waiting!

Lab & Radiology Services

Our top-of-the-line equipment, we have the tools to diagnose your pain and discomfort right away.

Board-Certified ER Doctors

All physicians here are Board-Certified in Emergency Medicine, meaning your health will be taken care of by experienced and knowledgeable doctors.

Family Friendly

We care about your comfort during these stressful times, no matter the age, situation, or dilemma we will put you as a priority.

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Emergency Room Near You

We are your 24 hour walk-in emergency room in San Antonio, TX here at Express ER. Our goal is to give our patients the correct and proper treatment they need for their distress at any moment. We are trained and equipped with the perfect tools to ensure that you will be taken care of, as comfortable and as swiftly as possible.

There is no emergency that Express ER in San Antonio, TX 78247 cannot handle when it comes to you or your loved ones. Our goal is to always provide our patients quality care, no matter what the circumstance is. In times of stress we know things can get a little crazy, but you can be assured that your comfort and health are two things we strive to maintain. You are in great hands at our emergency facility.

ER Near You

Whether it is a minor infection or a major emergency, you need to seek help from the nearest emergency room. Express ER in San Antonio has a dedicated, experienced, and skilled team of emergency medical professionals and doctors available near you when you need them most.

Urgent Care vs. Express ER San Antonio

Express ER in San Antonio is proud to offer on-site lab & radiology services. Our emergency room near you is open 24/7. Availability and depth of services are the major differences between ER & Urgent Care clinics in San Antonio. Urgent care clinics near you will usually have limited hours and services compared to emergency rooms in San Antonio. Visit Express ER near you for emergency care today!

Services Urgent Care Express ER San Antonio
Open 7 Days a Week
Respiratory Distress
Broken Bones
Severe Abdominal Pain
Worker’s Compensation
Cardiac Enzyme Analysis
Streamlined Billing
Pediatric Teddy Bear Clinics
Board-Certified ER Physicians
Advanced Technology
On-Site Lab & Radiology
COLA Certified Stat Lab Testing

Our 24 Hour Emergency Services in San Antonio


Sign up today! A limited amount of Teddy Bear patients can be seen at each Teddy Bear clinic, so please schedule your appointment soon!

Meet Our Board Certified ER Doctors

These are the doctors that you will see when you visit Express ER, your freestanding emergency room in NE San Antonio, TX. Board Certified in Emergency Medicine, they are ready and able to care for you when you need it. In their hands, you can rest assured that you will be healthy in no time. Get to know more by giving us a call!

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