24/7 Emergency Care Near You at Express ER in San Antonio wants you to know that if you are dehydrated that it can cause you a plethora of problems that you probably never dreamed about. If you become worried about the fact that you might be dehydrated, make a trip to Emergency Care here in San Antonio. We have ten signs to look for in case you might think you are dehydrated because you can’t depend on your senses or how thirsty you are to know for sure if you are dehydrated.

TEN Signs of Being Dehydrated

Once you become dehydrated, your brain does not get that information for a while. But, here are some symptoms you might notice before your brain realizes that you are dehydrated so you can drink some water or a sports drink that will be packed with all kinds of electrolytes.

  • Dark Colored Urine: A well-hydrated patient has light colored, clear urine. If the patient is dehydrated, they will have amber or dark yellow colored urine, and this is usually a sign of dehydration.
  • Abdominal or Muscle Cramps: Muscles must have sodium and water for them to function properly. If we are low on either one of them, you can get some pretty intense muscle cramps that could happen all over your body. If you do start having muscle cramps you should drink a glass of warm water with one or two tablespoons of salt mixed in to relieve them.
  • Confusion: If you do become dehydrated you might find yourself having difficulty thinking or concentrating, even completing everyday tasks. You could become confused or disoriented by what is around you. It can lead to a decrease in your alertness and memory loss.
  • Fatigue: Do you feel really tired even though you slept good last night? It is a good chance that you are dehydrated. Fatigue can show itself in so many forms; a general feeling of being sleepy to the point of being fatigued or having muscle aches.
  • A headache: Your most common sign of being dehydrated is a headache. If you are not drinking as much water as you should, you will find that your brain tissue will shrink and pull away from your skull. The fact that you are dehydrated will cause the volume of your blood to decrease, and that will cut down on the amount of blood flow and therefore how much oxygen gets to your brain.
  • No Sweat: If you are a person who sweats profusely and then out of the sky you are burning up but not sweating, you are dehydrated to the point of it being severe – your most severe type of dehydration is that which can lead one to a heat stroke. If you happen to notice that you are barely sweating you must get to a cooler spot and start re-hydrating as soon as possible.
  • Rapid Heartrate: When your blood volume decreases the thickness will also change. When less water is present in your body than what you need, your blood gets thicker, and your heart will have to work much harder to pump it through your system. It makes for a dangerous situation as it could lead to heart attacks or fainting.
  • Dizziness: Fainting and dizziness happen to go hand in hand. Being dizzy will usually lead to fainting. If you feel dizzy and there is no reason for it (i.e., you stood up too fast) more than likely, you are dehydrated so much that you might pass out or be headed to one of the more severe problems on our list.
  • Fainting: When the oxygen content in your blood going to your brain drops quickly, you could lose consciousness and even faint. The oxygen needed to be carried to the brain will have a hard time reaching the brain if the blood is so thick due to dehydration.
  • Pale Skin: It’s the same cause of headaches if you are dehydrated as it will drop the volume of your blood moving through your body. It even pulls the blood from your capillaries from around your face to be brought to the more vital organs and other essential places for your body. It can cause your whole body and face to appear ghostly white.

If you or any of your loved ones should develop any of these symptoms, please come to 24/7 Emergency Care San Antonio.

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