10 Surprising Remedies for Headaches That You Will Love!

10 Surprising Remedies for Headaches That You Will Love!

If you ever get caught up in a migraine headache that you cannot get rid of go to the 24/7 Emergency Care near you. We are right here at Emergency Care in San Antonio, TX to help you get relief.

Is your life hectic? If so, the last thing you need to slow you down is getting a migraine or a severe headache. They both make you want to crawl in your bed, put in some earplugs and cover your head. We have a few home remedies you might want to try the next time you suffer from a severe headache to get some much welcome relief.

  • Start getting some rest. Headaches are usually brought on by lack of sleep or illness. Get some rest so your body can start to heal itself is often the easiest and most quick way to get over a headache.
  • Put a hot or cold compress on the area where the pain is located on your head, and it will sometimes provide immediate relief.
  • Try to exercise regularly, make sure you include endurance and strength training that can help prevent headaches from starting to happen and alleviate a headache even though it has already begun.
  • Stretches while you are at work. Try breaking up your workday by stopping every 30-60 minutes and circularly move your head and neck and stretch to relieve some stress and help prevent those tension headaches.
  • Having dehydration itself can cause headaches so whatever you do be sure to prevent it by eating foods with high water content like fruits and vegetables and drink a lot of water; up to 9-12 cups of fluid a day — preferably water.
  • Get yourself a ‘trigger point’ massage: Apply steady, gentle, while rotating pressure at the painful area of your head using your index finger and your thumb.
  • Taking a hot shower is a lot like using a hot compress and jumping in that hot shower will help to relax your muscles, get the blood flowing to your head and help you feel better fast.
  • If you eat the following foods during the times when you are suffering from these headaches, you should find relief: vegetables and fruits for hydration, green leafy vegetables to help increase the magnesium for your body, and caffeine in small amounts.
  • Eat the right herbs starting with butterbur and feverfew to reduce inflammation that affects the chemicals that bring on the headaches you have.
  • Using essential oils and mainly four main scents. Peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus, and rosemary should help you with your headaches. Use a few drops on your neck and chest or put the drops in a warm bath.

If none of these tricks work, we are here at Emergency Care in San Antonio today and every day to serve you in any way we can.

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