Can Food Intolerances Cause Cellulite?

Can Food Intolerances Cause Cellulite?

We are truly blessed to live in a country where food is readily available. This is especially true when it comes to fast-food products.

Unfortunately, there seems to be a growing number of instances of food poisoning from fast food locations which has resulted in a number of residents searching for urgent care near me to get help. Certainly, Express ER in San Antonio can treat the symptoms of food poisoning, but we’ve noticed that a lot of people are growing increasingly concerned over food intolerances in general.

Are you wondering whether or not you may be experiencing a food intolerance that could be contributing to cellulite? If so, keep reading to learn more about this food-body connection.

First Things First: What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is a natural build-up of fat in the human body. Because it’s a natural build-up, it means that everyone has some! So, if there’s any comfort to be found in numbers, you’re not alone in experiencing the body’s subcutaneous fat known as cellulite!

Each Body Processes Food and Energy Differently

Because of our fast-food culture, many of us lose touch of the fact that our body will process food unique to us. Even within the same family structure, different individuals will have different metabolisms and food intolerances. That means that when we’re not in tune with how the food we eat will affect us individually, we may repeatedly expose ourselves to foods that may have a negative impact on our bodies – and this includes cellulite!

Even a Light Meal Can Result in Toxic Build-Up

The tricky part to fighting the battle against cellulite is that many of us are eating foods that we don’t even realize we’re sensitive of. In some cases, it may result in a patient looking for a San Antonio emergency room because of an inflammation in the intestinal tract. This same inflammation can cause build-ups in other parts of the human anatomy – and this includes fat cells!

Do Some Detective Work

It can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint food intolerances without a little detective work on your part. The first step is to become aware of how different foods make you feel. Take time to ingest foods, let them digest, and then assess your mood. After that, make small shifts in your diet while always remaining aware of the way you feel afterwards. Soon, you’ll learn which foods are culprits and which ones help flush toxins from your system!

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