Common Child Emergencies

Common Child Emergencies

Being a parent can be scary when your child is having a medical emergency occur. When it involves children, it is necessary to call 911 and get emergency care in San Antonio, TX for your child. Express ER can help keep your child safe and healthy during these stressful times. Our facility provides comprehensive urgent care near me.

Common Pediatric Medical Emergencies

  • Respiratory issues – This can include symptoms such as difficulty breathing and taking in oxygen. Choking is a common cause is respiratory distress, as well as asthma, infections, and illnesses like pneumonia. Symptoms include coughing, difficulty breathing, grunting, wheezing, trouble speaking, or changing color (turning blue).
  • Sprains & Fractures – Breaking bones is a common part of childhood and requires emergency care in 78247. Broken bones are not life-endangering, but they should be treated at a pediatric emergency care near you. You should contact 911 if the pain is severe, bone is protruding from skin, there has been head or neck trauma, or the child is experiencing an altered state of consciousness.
  • Vomiting & Diarrhea – This is dangerous because children can quickly become dehydrated due to the loss of fluids. Make sure children are drinking water, but if they continue throwing up then you may need to visit a facility that performs emergency care in San Antonio. If there is severe cramping, this may indicate issues such as kidney problems or appendicitis.
  • Cuts & Bleeding – Your child may have fallen and gotten cut. If there is bleeding from the wound, apply pressure and keep the area clean. If your child needs stitches, they can visit an emergency center or hospital. If your child has a bleeding disorder, or if bleeding does not stop, then call 911 immediately.

Your child’s health is important to our staff at Express ER. We work hard to make sure they are taken care of while they visit our facility. We provide comprehensive care for each and every patient so that they can be comfortable and feel safe. Express ER is the place your children can visit to heal from any emergency injuries or illnesses.

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