At Express ER in San Antonio, we believe that patient education is an essential part of providing the best emergency medical care possible. At our freestanding ER, we often get asked a lot of questions, many of which are the same. We’ve decided to answer these frequently asked questions right from our website. Want an answer to another question not here? Let us know, we’d be happy to answer any of your questions.

Why are hospital emergency rooms always crowded?

When it comes to hospital emergency rooms, many patients complain about the large crowds and long wait times. There are many factors that result in hospital overcrowding, which include: lack of inpatient bed space, increasing population, shortage of medical specialists and even patient’s receiving emergency care for non-urgent needs.

What is a free-standing emergency room?

A free-standing emergency room medical facility which is not hospital-based, however, provides the same level of care. At Express ER, our freestanding ER in San Antonio is open 24/7/365 and can provide a range of treatment options for a variety of emergency care needs. Express ER is staffed with experienced medical professionals, board-certified emergency physicians and is even equipped with advanced medical technology.

How are free-standing ERs different from urgent care centers?

Although both free-standing emergency rooms and urgent care centers are both designed to provide medical care, there are some key differences. A free-standing emergency room is designed to provide immediate, emergency care while an urgent care center is designed to provide non-emergency medical care in situations where a patient cannot visit a primary care manager.

Do I need to make an appointment at Express ER?

No, you never need to make an appointment prior to receiving emergency care from Express ER. You can, however, check-in online at Express ER prior to your arrival to receive immediate medical attention.

What should I do if my insurance company refuses to pay for my emergency care?

Per Texas state law, your insurance provider cannot refuse to pay for your emergency medical care. In the event this does occur, we recommend immediately filing a grievance with the Texas Department of Insurance. Need more information? More information can be found at

What happens if my health condition requires hospital admission?

If we believe your health condition requires hospital admission we would be happy to coordinate a transfer to the appropriate local hospital that can provide the diagnostics, treatments, and observation you may need.

Do you provide emergency care for children along with adults?

Of course, at Express ER we provide emergency medical care for patients of any age, from infants and children to adults and the elderly.

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