Heat Stroke and Its Easy Cures

Heat Stroke and Its Easy Cures

Every summer, at a 24-hour emergency room near you, there are patients suffering from a heat stroke. Even though heat strokes are preventable, many people show up at the ER in 78247 with the tell-tale signs and symptoms of it. Instead of showing up at the ER in San Antonio, TX, learn how to prevent heat strokes and other illnesses that are caused by being out in the sun too long. There are a lot of bad things that can happen to the body when it is overheated. In some cases, there could be fatal consequences.

What are the Causes of Heat Stroke?

The reason why people get heatstroke is straightforward – they are out in the heat and have not properly hydrated themselves. Think of the body as an automobile. What keeps the car running at proper performance is when the car has the right amount of coolant coursing through the engine. When the engine gets too hot, bad things can happen. A hot engine results in the car overheating, which causes the engine to seize.

In relation, the human body needs water to keep everything cool so that your brain and heart can function correctly. In intense heat without water, you are essentially baking yourself. The sudden rise in body temperature breaks down the body’s ability to self-regulate. Stay out in the heat too long, and the heat stroke could be deadly.

Treating Heat Stroke Effectively

When someone has heat stroke, the first thing to do is get them to a cool area and give them water. Water is critical. If they are nauseated and slurring their words, get them in a car and get them to a hospital as soon as possible.

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