Indoor Air Quality Problems Affecting Your Kids You Need to Deal with Now

Indoor Air Quality Problems Affecting Your Kids You Need to Deal with Now

It’s important to keep your house clean but it becomes all the more important when you have kids at home as they are more vulnerable to health problems. There may be invisible threats to your kid’s health such as poor indoor air quality which can lead to eczema and asthma.

According to Emergency Room in 78247, your house may not be as clean as it looks and the contributing factors can be as follows:

    • Pollution

You can’t smell the pollution so you may not find anything wrong in the air quality. But if you are living in a city, there are chances of fumes and gases coming inside your house more than you can imagine. You should consider installing air purifier or getting some plants for the home.

    • Air ducts

Though central heating is helpful in regulating the temperature of your house, you need to look for the maintenance of air ducts too. Dirty and dusty air ducts along with pests in vents will pollute your air quality and may cause infections and respiratory issues. Check them regularly and clean them as much as possible.

    • Pets

Pet hair can be dangerous for kids as fine hair circulate in air. According to Emergency Room near San Antonio, dusting and vacuuming is a good way of getting rid of the hair. Clean the upholstery as they accumulate a lot of pet hair.

    • Mold

If you stay in an old house, have lot of furniture in your home, and reside in a location that is cold for most months, you must look for signs of mold as they may appear in damp and dark corners along with your bathroom and kitchen as well. Keep the furniture away from wall and allow proper ventilation regularly.

According to Emergency Room near Me, health risks are everywhere in your home but you may not see them. You can’t see air and therefore can’t estimate how polluted it is. It is important to keep the air fresh and clean for good health.

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