Is it a Bacterial Infection or Virus?

Is it a Bacterial Infection or Virus?

Navigating the difference between a bacterial infection of a virus can oftentimes be confusing – even if you aced college biology – but it becomes an even more stressful situation when you become a parent! Wondering whether or not your child needs pediatric emergency care in San Antonio can often be a struggle. Sure, most people know that a bacterial infection is caused by bacteria, and that a viral infection is caused by a virus, but the problem of differentiating between the two is where the problem starts.

Keeping Children and Parents Safe and Active

Every day, parents bring their children to an ER in San Antonio because they’re concerned about their child’s health. One of the first questions they want answered is whether or not their little one is experiencing a condition that could keep them out of school or daycare. And when that happens, it most often means a missed day of work for you, too!

What an Emergency Room in San Antonio Wants You to Know About Influenza

Influenza – more often referred to as “the flu” — is a viral illness. What’s important about noting the difference of flu symptoms between an adult and a child is that this type of viral infection may last up to 14 days longer and occur more frequently in children than adults. Combined, that’s a lot of missed school days and missed work. However, if the infection is diagnosed and treated with antiviral medication by an emergency room 78247 within the first 49 hours of symptoms presenting, the duration can be reduced.

When a Bacterial Infection Prompts You to Search for an ER Near Me in San Antonio

The reasons that bacterial infections can often be a sign of something more sinister than the common flu is that bacterial infections can be the result of a secondary infection. Some common secondary bacterial infections include sinusitis, ear infections, and pneumonia, to name a few. Another common culprit of a secondary bacterial illness is a urinary tract infection. Why? Because if it’s left untreated it can progress to kidney damage.

When to Seek Treatment to Diagnose Bacterial Infections

The bottom line is that whether or not the infection ends up being caused by a virus or bacteria, time is critically important regarding diagnosing and treatment of the condition. Some of the tests that will be performed by emergency staff such as the patient care team at Express ER in San Antonio can include a complete blood count, a blood culture, a urine culture, or more aggressive testing such as a spinal tap. And since none of these tests can be performed at home – seeking help from an accredited urgent care facility in San Antonio should be your top priority!

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