Testing & Observation in San Antonio

Testing & Observation in San Antonio

At Express ER in San Antonio, TX we are dedicated to providing each of our patients with the best experience possible, even after their treatment has been administered. From the minute you walk into our freestanding emergency room in San Antonio until the minute you have fully recovered, our experienced medical team is dedicated to providing you with the best treatment possible. At Express ER we are equipped with advanced technology, allowing us to provide safer, quicker and more effective medical testing to diagnose and treat your condition. We are also proud to offer medical observation for our patients that need monitoring during treatment, allowing our medical team to ensure you are recovering as planned and making any adjustments to your medical care that may be necessary for the quickest recovery possible.

Diagnostic Services Near You

At our San Antonio Express ER, we are proud to utilize the latest, state-of-the-art medical technology available, including our in-house laboratory and diagnostic radiography technology. We understand that at times physical examination just doesn’t provide enough information to see the big picture, advanced technology allows us to quickly and effectively diagnose and treat a wide range of emergency medical conditions. If medical observation is recommended by your emergency physician at Express ER, additional diagnostic services may be required to monitor your condition as you recover.

Testing & Observation Services Near You

At our freestanding emergency room in San Antonio, our emergency medical staff is dedicated to providing the best emergency care possible, from the moment you enter Express ER until the moment you’ve completely recovered. We believe that our job isn’t complete until you are as healthy as you can be. Once your examination and any necessary diagnostic testing necessary is provided, your emergency physician may determine that your condition requires further medical observation and potentially testing. By providing medical observation, our medical professionals can monitor your condition while you receive treatment to ensure you are recovering as intended.

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