Warning Signs of a Concussion

Warning Signs of a Concussion

Every year, thousands of children and adults get injured while playing sports or doing everyday activities. Bumping into things may not seem like a big deal, but it can cause damage to the brain if you’ve received some bumps to the head. If you experience any head injuries, visit an ER in San Antonio, TX to speak with a specialist about concussions. A concussion can happen at any time and must be assessed immediately, so visit an emergency room in 78247 if you suspect a concussion or notice symptoms of one.

Concussion Symptoms

It is crucial to recognize the symptoms of a concussion. While there is no treatment to cure a concussion, medical experts at Express ER in San Antonio can help symptoms go away more quickly. You should try to prevent further concussions and head injuries while the brain is healing, especially during the first few months after a concussion has occurred. In extreme cases, brain damage can occur with repeated concussions. In less extreme cases, repeated concussions can still lead to difficulties with memory, thinking, learning, and handling emotions.

Symptoms that you should look out for after an injury to the head include:

– Loss of consciousness
– Severe pain in the head
– Dizziness
– Difficulty walking or standing up
– Severe nausea
– Confusion
– Seizures

Less Obvious Symptoms

Sometimes the signs of a concussion can be subtler and last for weeks or even months. These include symptoms such as:

– Persistent headaches
– Difficulty concentrating
– Persistent nausea
– Fatigue or feeling slow
– Irritability
– Changes in mood
– Difficulty learning or memorizing information
– Difficulty balancing
– Dizziness
– Lack of coordination
– Sleep problems (sleeping too much or too little)
– Vision problems, such as blurred vision

If you suspect that you or a loved one may have a concussion, visit an emergency room in San Antonio to be evaluated by a medical professional that can diagnose a concussion. If you’d like to learn more about concussions and what to look out for, give an ER near me a call for more information.

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