What to Think About When An Injury Occurs at Work

What to Think About When An Injury Occurs at Work

When employees go to work, it is very seldom that people think they will find themselves injured. Unfortunately, injuries do occur when they are least expected. This can generate both uncertainty and anxiety for all involved. Though it is never an easy situation to face, worker’s compensation serves to smooth the road towards an easy resolution.

What is Workers Compensation?

Started in the 1900s, the workers’ compensation program was designed to address the dangerous conditions of many factory workers. Today, worker’s compensation helps protects injured workers from unexpected costs such as medical expenses, work-related illnesses or injuries, or rehabilitation services.

Worker’s compensation laws vary by state, but it is a requirement for most employers. States determine insurance premiums and coverages based on their demographics and statistics. For example, private employers in Texas are not required to provide workers compensation insurance, while public employers must have this active at all times.

Why Is Workers Compensation Important?

Worker’s compensation is important to not only the business owner but also the employee. When an accident happens at work, one of the first concerns is what happened and who was at fault. With worker’s compensation, however, this concern is easily addressed.

Worker’s compensation is a form of insurance coverage that protects businesses and employees when someone is injured while working. It is designed to cover expenses associated with the injury, as well as offer a path to rehabilitation and re-employment. Though all information must go through a review process, it is the best possible solution for all involved.

While the employee will receive lost wage compensation, worker’s compensation programs also ensure the employer does not pay for invalid injuries or false claims.

What Happens When Someone is Injured on the Job

When someone is injured at work, many questions come to mind: “Should I find an ER near me?”, “Where are workers compensation services in San Antonio?”. While these questions are valid, employees should follow a few steps when they find themselves injured while at work.

Provide Notification

Employees should immediately notify their immediate supervisor if they are injured at work. When reporting the incident, employees should be very specific with their explanations. Employees who fail to notify their employers within 30 days of the injury forfeit their claim in most states. This is critical to ensure the worker’s compensation process is started properly.

Seek Medical Attention

When an injury occurs, employees need to seek medical attention. Though this can be done at a doctor’s office or an urgent care facility, a trip to the nearest emergency room is best. Emergency rooms are specifically equipped with technology, equipment, and resources to recognize any possible issues.

Contact Worker’s Compensation Partner

Once the necessary steps have been taken, employees should then contact their employer’s worker’s compensation partner. This information can be obtained from several sources. Most employees receive this information at the time of reporting the incident. If this does not happen, however, employees can request it from their company’s human resources department.

During the worker’s compensation process, employees may be instructed to go to additional doctor’s appointments, subject additional documentation, or attend hearings with their representative. Employees must keep up-to-date on any required steps and respond as needed. This will not only assist in making sure that they are reimbursed as needed.

The length of time required for each claim will vary based on the circumstances surrounding the injury. The severity of the injury will also

Worker’s compensation is a valuable program for both employers and employees alike. Though nobody works in the hopes of injury, there are ways to make the experience less stressful financially. Notifying the proper supervisors and seeking medical care are the cornerstones of the worker’s compensation process.

Contacting an experienced emergency room group is a sure path to accurate diagnostics in the case of worker’s compensation claims. They not only help but ensure all documentation is thorough and are ready for any situation.

As the premier emergency room in San Antonio, ExpressER can ensure that all employee needs are met should the unexpected happen. We encourage everyone to come and see us for any and all worker’s compensation related claims and circumstances.

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