When is Your Stomach Pain Something More?

When is Your Stomach Pain Something More?

No one likes stomach pain because it’s fairly intense, and the feeling of having to throw up is miserable. Most of the time, stomach pain comes and goes fairly quickly. The good news is that most common stomach maladies resolve on their own. However, if you are experiencing acute stomach pain, there may be different underlying conditions, and these need to be dealt with right away. Visiting an ER near me is the best way to get immediate help. For folks who visit a 24-hour emergency clinic, it is easy to see why they would be in distress when you take a look at what these conditions can cause.


There is your normal stomach pain from indigestion, constipation, or diarrhea. Then there are ulcers. Ulcers are miserable because the mucus that lines your stomach has a hole in it, meaning the acid in the stomach is coming in direct contact with the stomach lining. The key symptom for this is pain or discomfort that persists for several hours. When you have ulcers diagnosed, the treatment is usually very simple and involves over the counter or prescription medication. The good news is with prescription medication ulcers are generally kept in check.


When there are weak spots or tears in your muscle lining, fatty tissue comes through, and that causes a bump known as a hernia. Hernias can be very serious, and there could be a risk of infection. They will be painful, but the surgery to cure a hernia is quite easy, and patients are back into their lives with little fuss.


Gallstones and kidney stones cause immense pain, but it is localized to the right side or the lower back, respectively. Kidney stones usually pass on their own, but it can be painful. Gallstones are indicative of a failed gall bladder, and thus the gall bladder must be removed for the patient to be comfortable again.


Don’t dismiss stomach pain if it is persistent. This is an indication that your body is not well. Listen to your body, and you will solve problems long before they become major issues.

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